Coco Cola, Sexist?

The billion dollar brand Coca Cola is currently in the spot light for sexist advertisements made earlier in the month. The advertisements were made for Coca Cola’s Fairlife milk brand and comprised of models wearing nothing but splashes of milk made to look like dresses. Many people have been upset that these ads are sexist and depict women in a negative light. Coco Cola has yet to make any apologies about their campaign regarding any wrong doing.

milk dress

With all of the sexual content in the media currently, I feel like these ads are pretty tame. After hearing the entire backlash from sexual music videos from icons such as Nicki Minaj, there really isn’t much more that can be controversial. I don’t think that they expose women in a negative way however I find them to be rather creative. I think that they are tasteful and look visually appealing. Possibly I have my opinions skewed or people are making a big deal of nothing. It depends on your opinion. I have the Fairlife milk advertisement attached. Opinions are welcome.


PR Perfection

Social media is a staple in society. Using it to a company’s advantage can prove for an overall high success rate with advertising. In 2013 the Sunday, Super Bowl XLVII will be forever known for its power outage. Ninety seconds into the second half, the lights went out in the Super Dome, leading to a 34-minute delay. When everyone saw a crisis, Oreo’s PR team saw an opportunity.

Just minutes after the blackout, Oreo’s PR team created a tweet that was worth millions of dollars in advertising. They tweeted an advertisement that read, “Power outage? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” After the power came back on the tweet had already been shared more than 12,000 times. “We had a mission control set up at our office with the brand and 360i, and when the blackout happened, the team looked at it as an opportunity,” 360i president Sarah Hofstetter. Although Oreo had an advertising spot during the super bowl, their viral tweet was said to have generated more publicity. This is the definition of a PR team works that fast and that creatively.

Sony’s PR “Firestorm”

If you haven’t already heard of the recent PR firestorm Sony has been experiencing, it never seems to stop. Within the past couple days one of the top film and music industries, Sony, has experienced a detrimental hack into their personal database. Personal information was released to the public including private emails, salaries, and comments. One email in particular was sent through exchange of the chief executives of Sony that contained racially charged jokes and also insensitive comments.

In addition personal salaries were leaked to the media which included several salaries from the new film to be released called “The Interview”, staring Seth Rogan and James Franco. When their salaries were released, people noticed that Seth Rogan was paid significantly more than James Franco which was considered strange as they are costars.

Another interesting detail found was a wide gender gap relating to the salaries. According to data on 6,000 employees, 17 U.S. employees are making $1 million or more, and only one is a woman.
This is not the end of the fire. There have been more accusations about the entertainment company becoming more and more outrageous. Multiple apologies have already been issued by chief executives. In my opinion it will take a long time before Sony can regain customer loyalty and brand credibly. The question arises if they will be able to bounce back. Thoughts?

Scary Movies

Halloween is right around the corner! That means scary movie season is here! Personally I love scary movies and I think that there are so many good scary movies out there worth watching. What I qualify as a scary movie does not involve too much gore or any type of Slasher movie. I really like paranormal movies or even adventure horror movies. I have always been a fan of older horror movies such as some of Steven King’s films. What I qualify as a really good horror movie must include an interesting plot line (some horror movies tend to not have a plot) and realistic acting.

One movie in particular that scared me based on how the actors reacted was The Blair Witch Project. Throughout this entire movie you do not see anything bad happen. The way that the actors react and look makes the film much more terrifying. Another film that also had this effect on me is Steven Kings’ The Shining. Actress Shelley Duvall’s reactions to Jack Nicholson’s character really added to the overall essence of the movie. The other major factor that made The Shining so terrifying was the sound effects. The sound effects were spectacularly done in this film because they really suggest that ghosts are still haunting the hotel.

Horror movies provide the opportunity to entertain us in multiple settings. There are so many things we feel from these movies such as fear, thrills, sadness, shock, and even comedy.

President Obama to Arrive in Rhode Island

President Obama is scheduled to arrive in Providence Rhode Island on October 31 to give a speech at Rhode Island College. The President of the United States was planned to arrive on October 16 but was cancelled due to the recent Ebola crisis.  White House press secretary John Earnest stated on Friday that “Obama will be arriving October 31 which is the Friday before the November 4 election.”

President Obama will be delivering a speech on the economy and the importance of pursuing policies to help women succeed. Further details are to be announced on the day prior to the speech. This has been a busy week for Rhode Island College after this past weekend.  Friday October 24 Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the same venue at Rhode Island College. Clinton attended an event branded on “rebuilding the middle class,” which she claims has “eroded over the years”.

Both the President of United States and the former First Lady have made several trips to the Northeast with each intending to stop in Maine. Obama will arrive in Maine on Saturday and then Connecticut on Sunday November 2. There is more information available in the Providence Journal as well as NBC 10.

Sainsbury’s Internal PR Nightmare

A local British grocery story experienced a lack of internal communication from their corporate headquarters. Sainsbury’s, located in Britain posted a sign in their window that was supposed to be posted in the employee break room. The sign read in large bold letters, “Let’s encourage every customer to spend an additional 50p during each shopping trip between now and the year-end.” Customers were quick to respond on Twitter making the crisis viral.

One of the most common mistakes in managing a crisis depends on whether the right strategies were used for damage control. Depending on how the company handled the social media out lash determined whether the crisis would go away or become worse. Sainsbury’s should have also explained the cause for the miscommunication and apologized for the situation. A statement should have been issued regarding their respect for their customers and that the sign was only meant to boost employee morale. In the eyes of the public, this sign seems as though customers were not valued over the businesses profit. However the fact that the company was able to play off the crisis was strategic. They made a rather big situation seem as though it was a minor mistake.

Sailboat Racing

Sailboat Racing
Sailing is one of my favorite things to do during the summer months. It is a fun activity that can be seen as relaxing and calming. Sailboat racing however is not exactly the same. Navigating through a set course among other boats that share the same course is actually quite difficult. One of the main focuses of sailboat racing is strategy and tactics.

Although sailboats rely mostly on wind to keep them moving, predicting the wind patterns is very difficult. The wind allows sailboats move but the direction of the wind is what will determine which way the racing course will be set. Timing is also a key component of sailboat racing based on the fact that all of the boats need to be lined up at the start. There are many types of boats that race together. Boats of the same size and model are competing against one another to finish the course fastest.

The pictures above are from a sailboat race that my family took part in last summer. We used to race our C&C 34 sailboat named “Jasmine”. My job was on the front of the boat where I would help attach a pole to the sail. When sailing down wind, it is difficult for the front sail to hit the wind correctly. In order for the boat to keep moving, we connect a pole to the mast of the boat and to the sail so that the sail sticks out further for the wind to hit it more directly.

Growing up on a sailboat has allowed me to learn so much about sailing and sailboat racing. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so much about sailing and I have become fascinated by boats in general. I would encourage anyone with an opportunity to learn about sailing to try because the science behind sailing is guaranteed to surprise you.

Health Benefits of Running

One of my favorite activities to do is to run. When I was in high school, I was on the outdoor track team and competed in events including the 100 meter sprints and the long jump. My appreciation for running did not begin until after I stopped running track. I found that running was much more enjoyable when competition was not a factor. Some of the reasons I enjoy running are because it relieves stress, it clears my head, and because it gives me the opportunity to improve my strength/endurance.

There are multiple health benefits from running including preventing heart and joint problems. Running causes other factors to improve your overall lifestyle. After a long run, most runners find themselves to be calm, energized, and in a positive mood. In addition to these common benefits, running also can provide the opportunity to improve your strength, endurance, speed, and distance. Beginning a brief running routine allows you to ease into a workout that is specific to your own level. Personally I find running to be a workout that is satisfying for my own lifestyle and provides various benefits.

The IPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate

The IPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate

Within the past week Apple issued the new update of the iPhone 6 Plus. However Apple headquarters has been under fire for the past week from various reports of problems with their new iPhone. IPhone 6 Plus users have noticed that the new and expensive iPhone tends to bend when under pressure. In addition to this bending issue, another crisis developed when individuals claimed that downloading IOS 8.0.1 made the phone impossible for many phones to receive calls.

Over the past decade, Apple has grown and expanded to make their technology something amazing. This crisis poses many problems from the corporation. They have reportedly lost $23 billion in value. When a major product malfunction happens to a company of this size, other competitors/brands will use it to their advantage. I believe that this is quite unfortunate for a company such as Apple, where they strive to have the best products around. Some of the interesting backlash from this crisis would be from both Kit Kat and LG, which proves that they are current and relevant.

I think that Apple handled the situation with IOS 8 correctly. Issuing an apology and a solution to the problem will cause people to move past the crisis. However the fact that the phone bends, would be another problem that will need to be addressed soon. I hope that Apple will learn from their mistakes and better prepare themselves for future products.

Watching Movies

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. I like a large variety of movies including action, horror, mystery/suspense, and comedies. I began to love movies when I was much younger. What made me get into watching movies was when I would watch movie trailers. I used to love watching short movie trailers, especially for horror films. I used to find them so exciting because they would usually highlight all of the best scenes from each film. Also they would only last about two minutes.

I recently have enjoyed watching travel documentaries because I love learning about places around the world. If I was asked to choose one film in particular to be my favorite I would not be able to choose. Some of my favorite movies include Jurassic Park, American Beauty, and The Ring. My taste in movies is definitely diverse. Some of my favorite actors includes Angelina Jolie, Marisa Tomei, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Sandra Bullock.