Health Benefits of Running

One of my favorite activities to do is to run. When I was in high school, I was on the outdoor track team and competed in events including the 100 meter sprints and the long jump. My appreciation for running did not begin until after I stopped running track. I found that running was much more enjoyable when competition was not a factor. Some of the reasons I enjoy running are because it relieves stress, it clears my head, and because it gives me the opportunity to improve my strength/endurance.

There are multiple health benefits from running including preventing heart and joint problems. Running causes other factors to improve your overall lifestyle. After a long run, most runners find themselves to be calm, energized, and in a positive mood. In addition to these common benefits, running also can provide the opportunity to improve your strength, endurance, speed, and distance. Beginning a brief running routine allows you to ease into a workout that is specific to your own level. Personally I find running to be a workout that is satisfying for my own lifestyle and provides various benefits.


The IPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate

The IPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate

Within the past week Apple issued the new update of the iPhone 6 Plus. However Apple headquarters has been under fire for the past week from various reports of problems with their new iPhone. IPhone 6 Plus users have noticed that the new and expensive iPhone tends to bend when under pressure. In addition to this bending issue, another crisis developed when individuals claimed that downloading IOS 8.0.1 made the phone impossible for many phones to receive calls.

Over the past decade, Apple has grown and expanded to make their technology something amazing. This crisis poses many problems from the corporation. They have reportedly lost $23 billion in value. When a major product malfunction happens to a company of this size, other competitors/brands will use it to their advantage. I believe that this is quite unfortunate for a company such as Apple, where they strive to have the best products around. Some of the interesting backlash from this crisis would be from both Kit Kat and LG, which proves that they are current and relevant.

I think that Apple handled the situation with IOS 8 correctly. Issuing an apology and a solution to the problem will cause people to move past the crisis. However the fact that the phone bends, would be another problem that will need to be addressed soon. I hope that Apple will learn from their mistakes and better prepare themselves for future products.

Watching Movies

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. I like a large variety of movies including action, horror, mystery/suspense, and comedies. I began to love movies when I was much younger. What made me get into watching movies was when I would watch movie trailers. I used to love watching short movie trailers, especially for horror films. I used to find them so exciting because they would usually highlight all of the best scenes from each film. Also they would only last about two minutes.

I recently have enjoyed watching travel documentaries because I love learning about places around the world. If I was asked to choose one film in particular to be my favorite I would not be able to choose. Some of my favorite movies include Jurassic Park, American Beauty, and The Ring. My taste in movies is definitely diverse. Some of my favorite actors includes Angelina Jolie, Marisa Tomei, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Sandra Bullock.

About Me

My name is Nick Vener and I am a junior at the University of Rhode Island studying Public Relations. Some of the thinks I enjoy include watching movies, running, and being outside. Through this blog, I hope to become stronger with my writing and media skills while exploring a range of topics that I personally find interesting.