Watching Movies

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. I like a large variety of movies including action, horror, mystery/suspense, and comedies. I began to love movies when I was much younger. What made me get into watching movies was when I would watch movie trailers. I used to love watching short movie trailers, especially for horror films. I used to find them so exciting because they would usually highlight all of the best scenes from each film. Also they would only last about two minutes.

I recently have enjoyed watching travel documentaries because I love learning about places around the world. If I was asked to choose one film in particular to be my favorite I would not be able to choose. Some of my favorite movies include Jurassic Park, American Beauty, and The Ring. My taste in movies is definitely diverse. Some of my favorite actors includes Angelina Jolie, Marisa Tomei, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Sandra Bullock.


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