Health Benefits of Running

One of my favorite activities to do is to run. When I was in high school, I was on the outdoor track team and competed in events including the 100 meter sprints and the long jump. My appreciation for running did not begin until after I stopped running track. I found that running was much more enjoyable when competition was not a factor. Some of the reasons I enjoy running are because it relieves stress, it clears my head, and because it gives me the opportunity to improve my strength/endurance.

There are multiple health benefits from running including preventing heart and joint problems. Running causes other factors to improve your overall lifestyle. After a long run, most runners find themselves to be calm, energized, and in a positive mood. In addition to these common benefits, running also can provide the opportunity to improve your strength, endurance, speed, and distance. Beginning a brief running routine allows you to ease into a workout that is specific to your own level. Personally I find running to be a workout that is satisfying for my own lifestyle and provides various benefits.


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