President Obama to Arrive in Rhode Island

President Obama is scheduled to arrive in Providence Rhode Island on October 31 to give a speech at Rhode Island College. The President of the United States was planned to arrive on October 16 but was cancelled due to the recent Ebola crisis.  White House press secretary John Earnest stated on Friday that “Obama will be arriving October 31 which is the Friday before the November 4 election.”

President Obama will be delivering a speech on the economy and the importance of pursuing policies to help women succeed. Further details are to be announced on the day prior to the speech. This has been a busy week for Rhode Island College after this past weekend.  Friday October 24 Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the same venue at Rhode Island College. Clinton attended an event branded on “rebuilding the middle class,” which she claims has “eroded over the years”.

Both the President of United States and the former First Lady have made several trips to the Northeast with each intending to stop in Maine. Obama will arrive in Maine on Saturday and then Connecticut on Sunday November 2. There is more information available in the Providence Journal as well as NBC 10.


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