Scary Movies

Halloween is right around the corner! That means scary movie season is here! Personally I love scary movies and I think that there are so many good scary movies out there worth watching. What I qualify as a scary movie does not involve too much gore or any type of Slasher movie. I really like paranormal movies or even adventure horror movies. I have always been a fan of older horror movies such as some of Steven King’s films. What I qualify as a really good horror movie must include an interesting plot line (some horror movies tend to not have a plot) and realistic acting.

One movie in particular that scared me based on how the actors reacted was The Blair Witch Project. Throughout this entire movie you do not see anything bad happen. The way that the actors react and look makes the film much more terrifying. Another film that also had this effect on me is Steven Kings’ The Shining. Actress Shelley Duvall’s reactions to Jack Nicholson’s character really added to the overall essence of the movie. The other major factor that made The Shining so terrifying was the sound effects. The sound effects were spectacularly done in this film because they really suggest that ghosts are still haunting the hotel.

Horror movies provide the opportunity to entertain us in multiple settings. There are so many things we feel from these movies such as fear, thrills, sadness, shock, and even comedy.


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