Coco Cola, Sexist?

The billion dollar brand Coca Cola is currently in the spot light for sexist advertisements made earlier in the month. The advertisements were made for Coca Cola’s Fairlife milk brand and comprised of models wearing nothing but splashes of milk made to look like dresses. Many people have been upset that these ads are sexist and depict women in a negative light. Coco Cola has yet to make any apologies about their campaign regarding any wrong doing.

milk dress

With all of the sexual content in the media currently, I feel like these ads are pretty tame. After hearing the entire backlash from sexual music videos from icons such as Nicki Minaj, there really isn’t much more that can be controversial. I don’t think that they expose women in a negative way however I find them to be rather creative. I think that they are tasteful and look visually appealing. Possibly I have my opinions skewed or people are making a big deal of nothing. It depends on your opinion. I have the Fairlife milk advertisement attached. Opinions are welcome.


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