Sony’s PR “Firestorm”

If you haven’t already heard of the recent PR firestorm Sony has been experiencing, it never seems to stop. Within the past couple days one of the top film and music industries, Sony, has experienced a detrimental hack into their personal database. Personal information was released to the public including private emails, salaries, and comments. One email in particular was sent through exchange of the chief executives of Sony that contained racially charged jokes and also insensitive comments.

In addition personal salaries were leaked to the media which included several salaries from the new film to be released called “The Interview”, staring Seth Rogan and James Franco. When their salaries were released, people noticed that Seth Rogan was paid significantly more than James Franco which was considered strange as they are costars.

Another interesting detail found was a wide gender gap relating to the salaries. According to data on 6,000 employees, 17 U.S. employees are making $1 million or more, and only one is a woman.
This is not the end of the fire. There have been more accusations about the entertainment company becoming more and more outrageous. Multiple apologies have already been issued by chief executives. In my opinion it will take a long time before Sony can regain customer loyalty and brand credibly. The question arises if they will be able to bounce back. Thoughts?


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